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Actuarial Mathematics for Life Co...
David C. M. Dickson, Mary R. Hardy, Howa...
Yes1D0R32A: Life Insurance Mathematics-
Advanced organic chemistry
Yes9G0G92A: Advanced Organic ChemistryChemika
Advanced organic chemistry
course text
Yes10G0G92A: Advanced Organic ChemistryChemika
Advanced organic chemistry
Yes35G0G92A: Advanced Organic ChemistryChemika
A First Journey through Logic
Martin Hils and François Loeser
Yes1G0A98A: Wiskundige logicaWina
Algebra I
Yes10G0N88B: Algebra IWina
Algebra I
Yes3G0N88B: Algebra IWina
Algemene en technische scheikunde YesIs sold at:
VTK Cursusdienst
H01A8A: Algemene en technische sch...Chemika
Algemene Natuurkunde I
Yes16G0N03B: Algemene natuurkunde IChemika
Algemene natuurkunde II
YesNot in stockG0N13B: Algemene natuurkunde IIChemika, Wina
Analyse II
YesNot in stockG0N86B: Analyse IIWina
An Introduction to General Relati...
Carroll, S.
Yes4G0I36A: RelativityWina
An Invitation to Algebraic Geometry
Smith, K., Kahanpää, L., Kekäläinen,...
Yes11G0A80A: Algebraic GeometryWina
Atmospheric Modelling
Yes11G0B78A: Atmospheric ModellingMerkator
Atmospheric Modelling
Copy of Atmospheric Science (Wallace &am...
YesNot in stockG0B78A: Atmospheric ModellingMerkator
Atmospheric Modelling
Copy of Radar for Meteorologists (Rineha...
YesNot in stockG0B78A: Atmospheric ModellingMerkator
Automaten en Berekenbaarheid
course notes
Yes3G0P84A: Automaten en berekenbaarheidWina
Bayesian Biostatistics (2012)
Lesaffre, E. and Lawson, A.
NoNot yet availableG0A62A: Bayesian Data Analysis IIWina
Bewijzen en redeneren (voor fysic...
Yes5G0U13D: Bewijzen en redeneren IIWina
Bewijzen en redeneren (voor fysici)
Yes3G0U13C: Bewijzen en redenerenWina
Bewijzen en redeneren (voor wisku...
YesNot for purchase
Bewijzen en redeneren (voor wisku...
YesNot for purchase
Bewijzen en redeneren (voor wisku...
Yes1G0U13B: Bewijzen en redenerenWina
Raven P.H., Johnson G.B., Mason K.A., Lo...
Yes26G0N04C: Celbiologie en biochemie
G0U90B: Functionele biologie van p...
G0N12B: Genetica
Bios, Chemika, -
Book of Data
Yes81G0N01C: Grondslagen van de chemie
G0N01D: Grondslagen van de chemie
Brock Biology of Microorganisms (...
Michael Madigan, Kelly Bender, Daniel Bu...
Yes24G0N16C: MicrobiologieBios
Calculus: A Complete Course Plus ...
Adams, Essex
Yes10G0Y37A: Calculus IWina
Cell Signalling 4th edition
Yes7G0G61A: Mechanisms of Signal Trans...Bios
Classical Mechanics
R. Douglas Gregory
No4G0P30A: Klassieke mechanicaWina
Complex Analysis
Elias M. Stein; Rami Shakarchi
Yes2G0O03A: Complexe analyseWina
Computational Geometry
Mark de Berg, Otfried Cheong, Marc van K...
Yes24G0Q37C: Toepassingen van meetkunde...Wina
Coupons Scientica galabal: Roarin...YesSold out
Declaratieve talen
Yes8G0Q45B: Declaratieve talenWina
YesNot in stockG0Y93A: DeeltjesfysicaWina
De maatschappij van de sociologie
Rudi Laermans
Yes2S0A20B: SociologieBios
Yes2G0N84B: DifferentiaalvergelijkingenWina
Differential Geometry
course notes
YesNot in stockG0B08A: Differential GeometryWina
Earth Portrait of a Planet 7th Ed...
Marshak, S.
Yes21G0O06A: GeologieGeos
Electrochemical Methods of Inorga...
course notes A
Yes1G0J65A: Electrochemical Methods of...Chemika
Electrochemical Methods of Inorga...
course notes B
Yes3G0J65B: Electrochemical Methods in...Chemika
Environmental changeYesNot for purchase
Essentials of Programming Languag...
Daniel P. Friedman. Mitchell Wand
YesNot in stockH0S01A: Comparative Programming La...
H04L5A: Vergelijkende studie van i...
Wina, -
Field Trip (figurenbundel)
Environmental Change
Yes29G9X30A: Environmental ChangeMerkator
Financieel Boekhouden
Ann Gaeremynck, Alexandra Van den Abbeel...
YesNot yet availableD0H13A: Accountancy (HIR)Wina
Functional Analysis
course notes
YesNot in stockG0B03A: Functional AnalysisWina
Fundamentals of Analytical Chemis...
Skoog, D e.a.
No2G0O27A: Analytische basistechniekenChemika
Fysica practicum
Course Notes
YesNot for purchaseG0W75A: Fysica practicumWina
Fysiologie van dieren: van cel to...
cursus H1-H4
Yes12G0N21D: Fysiologie van dieren: van...Bios
Fysiologie van dieren: van cel to...
cursus H5-H7
Yes13G0N21D: Fysiologie van dieren: van...Bios
Geographic Information Science an...
Paul A. Longley, Michael F. Goodchild, D...
No4I0N62A: Geographic Information Sys...Merkator